Thursday, 6 February 2014

River Hongbao

The Year of the Horse and the arrival of Spring is being celebrated at River Hongbao which is being held at the Floating Platform @ Marina Bay until the 8th of February. This year marks the 28th anniversary of the event.
 River Hongbao has become an integral part of Singapore’s Lunar New Year celebrations, for Singaporean families and tourists with over a million people are expected to attend.
The festival features larger-than life lanterns created on-site by craftsmen from the Sichuan province in China.
The festival also features handcrafts and stage performances and of course food vendors. Carnival rides and games are also featured for children to spend their Hong Bao (red packets) money on.

Entrance to the festival

Horses line the gateway to the floating stage

Lanterns line the walkway

A lady playing the pipa

Pineapple lantern

Dancers on the stage

Herons on the mountains

This years zodiac

Archer on horseback

The Zodiac dog

Flowers that opened  and closed

This lantern had information about the different Chinese festivals in Singapore

The Zodiac Dragon

Huge lantern building with musicians on the porch

Horse pulling a cart

A large lantern

The Zodiac Pig

God of Fortune which is 18m tall

The God of Fortune showers the crowds with lucky numbers

A floating lantern

The festival

One of brothers from the novel "Three Kingdoms"

Another brother

The third brother

Lantern gateway


Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Gardens by the Bay CNY decorations

The Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay is celebrating the Chinese New Year with a colourful display dedicated to the Year of the Horse. The display features sculptures of horses inspired by a Chinese painting of "100 horses" amidst a bright and colourful flowering chrysanthemums, camellias, orchids, cumquat and cherry blossoms trees.

Posters at the Gardens by the Bay

Twig horses amongst "Orchid trees" 

Silver Horses

Cymbidium orchids

Wooden horses in the flower field

One of the 3 horses

The sculptures looked lifelike

Orchids, Cherry blossom and Chrysanthemums featured throughout the display

Horse waiting to be ridden

Chinese knots hanging from the garden seats

Lion amongst the Orchids and Chrysanthemums

Gold coins and Phalaenopsis orchids

Chrysanthemums and Celosia

Cherry blossom tree

The main display

Lion amongst the drums

The colourful display