Sunday, 12 October 2014

Indian Safari at Gardens by the Bay

To coincide with Deepavali celebrations the Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay have an Indian Safari theme till the start of November. The floral display is vibrant with amaranths, pansies, marigolds and orchid flowers mixed with grasses such as pampas grass.
Gardens by the Bay mascot bear ,Wise Wee is stationed in a lookout post looking for the various animals throughout the display. India's national bird the peacock features throughout the Indian Safari with flowers making up the tails of the birds.
Throughout the Flower Dome educational signs provide an insight into Indian customs and traditions.

Banners in the gardens

The main display

Peacock with flower tail

A tent is the focal point in the design

Peacock with orchid tail 

One of the many peacocks


Pampus grass

Peacock on nest 

Marigold tigers

The peacock tails

Wooden elephants

Lotus flower

The peacocks

Snakes and Ladders game which originated in India

Educational signs

Peacock with orchid tail

Wise Wee on lookout

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Deepavali celebrations

Deepavali celebrations are in full swing in Little India in Singapore. Deepavali falls on the 22nd of October this year and the streets of Little India have been lit up with elaborate decorations that captivate the crowds at night.  Large temporary markets are both crowded with stall holders selling decorations and food for the festival as well as people shopping for the celebration.
Deppavali is also known as the Festival of lights and is the most important festival in Hinduism. The festival is the celebration of good over evil and light overcoming darkness.

The gateway to Little India

Centrepiece of the display is the Goddess of Wealth - Mahalakshmi 


 Happy Deepavali

Lights along Serangoon Rd

Diya (lamp ) 

The sacred Peacock features heavily in this years display

Diya symbols also feature in the display

Goddess of Wealth - Mahalakshmi

Garlands in the market

Decorations for the home

The  festival market