Thursday, 18 July 2013

Hoi An

About a 40 minute ride by car out of Danang is the town of Hoi An. It is recognised as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO as Hoi An is an ancient town that is an exceptionally well-preserved example of a South-East Asian trading port dating from the 15th to the 19th century.
The main part of the city is closed off to traffic during the day and early evening allowing tourists to admire the beautiful old buildings that line the narrow streets and laneways. Many of the houses and shops  are painted in a mustard colour and shutters on the windows in bright red and blue. The old town is dotted with beautiful silk lanterns that are lit up at night and many of the shops sell them as souvenirs.
We spent about five hours wandering around Hoi An and would certainly go back for the charm of the town and also the wonderful Vietnamese food.

Laneway in the oldtown

One of the many Bougainvillea covered shops

Lanterns out the front of a shop

One of the many tailor shops in Hoi An

Children in the street

One of the many lantern shops


Flower seller at the market

Lively street in Hoi An

Bright shutters were on most buildings

Plaque reminding people  that no cars or motorbikes are allowed

The lanterns at dusk

Entrance to a temple

Shops along the waterfront

A wedding couple

One of the many locations they chose for the wedding photos

Detail on a lantern

Decorations on the bridge across the river

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